Shower Trays UK

Shower Trays UK

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A perfect shower is incomplete without the right shower tray. It may seem insignificant, but it plays an essential role in the effective functioning of your shower. No matter how well equipped your bathroom is, without the right tray, the investment is just not worth it. A tray just makes your showering experience easier and more relaxing.

Today there are various models available in the market to choose from. They come in different dimensions and shapes, and it is not difficult to find one to suit your needs, be it quadrant Shower Trays UK or square ones, find one which complements your showering unit. Shower tray 760 is the most popular kind available in quadrant types; its dimensions are 760 x 760.

Coming to the material, acrylic ones are the most durable as they are filled with cold cast resin. They are strong and do not crack even after prolonged use. The surface may include a skid-resistant base. You can also purchase caddies or totes that can be mounted or hung in your shower enclosure to keep body washes and shampoos, loofahs, and other bath aids readily available.

Before installing a Shower Trays UK, one should consider the amount of water draining off the tray while showering. One might need to install a recessed drain if the water drains at floor level. A Shower Trays UK is to be installed right at the beginning before the enclosure. This is done to prevent any tray size alteration, which might be caused due to the tiles or sealants used in the shower enclosure. The Shower Trays UK should seal securely to prevent any leakage from water joints. The entire unit should be sealed securely.

Ensure that your tray is correctly installed in your bathroom before beginning the installation of the shower enclosure unit. Out of the many designs available in the market, one should go for frameless ones as these do not accumulate dirt easily. Also, while buying the enclosure, ensure it has no flaws. To check for any leakage in the frame, spray water between the glass and the frame. In case of even the minutest leakage, exchange the enclosure.

Frameless enclosures work best with flat-top Shower Trays UKin stone resin. They offer the maximum shower area for use.

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